Code name "Festo"

Another 2 kilograms of history hit my desk. This laptop came to me from the Festo laboratory - from a large company that studies robots and produces various hydraulic systems, etc. Specifically this instance was already the last one that was developed by IBM engineers. I am not a technophile but these machines were designed to work in space, did you know? Thousands of engineering hours have been invested in the conceptual idea of these laptops. Probably someday I will share my own knowledge about this and write an article entitled "Secrets of ThinkPads" The brand was killed in 2009, but these old tube computers are still working properly haha for the benefit of humanity.. and then they are stored in personal collections or even museums. Despite the fact that these are very durable office notebooks with a titanium-magnesium roll cage inside, they need to be serviced with surgical accuracy and patience.