Work, love, study!

What more could you want? Happy 2020, friends
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"The soul requires a holiday" said Shukshin, meaning that without real labor, without creativity and constructive work, a person is not capable of celebration, he does not know this feeling to the full. And then neither an alcohol, nor fireworks, nor other surrogates are needed. These little things are important too! But.. I like one statement of mathematicians:
"This is necessary, but not enough".

For classical Russia, the New Year is the most important holiday. This holiday has metaphysical sense for the Russian soul and is closely associated with labor. The Russians love to take stock of the past year, discussing the results of the work collective and their personal contribution to the common goal. Celebrating with colleagues is even more important than celebrating with your family. I think it’s important for a person to be a particle of something more.

So, I try to be a man, as I can, and work, not just philosophize :)

Winter is coming, but not to the Czech Rep ... Therefore, I am going home to Ukraine in search of a normal cold harsh winter, with a warm house with my family.

I wish you, world, good luck in 2020

By the way

The STRANICHKI • NET project will soon turn 1 year old and I finally decided to present you a new design of my site timed to this date, and I need to say a few words about it.


I believe that I have absolutely no design talent. I do not have an innate sense of beauty. Actually I'm just an engineer, not a designer yet. Although I believe that in professional design generally it is more important to have some understanding of harmony like in music, for example, or in math. And something about this I understand.

"Simplicity is the final achievement" (с) Frederic Chopin

I still remember the words of my university physics teacher: "You need to have a steel ass to master the programming skill. This is not rocket science".

So I started working on my site from scratch. I worked every day. But I did not know how it should look like. I developed it interactively and had only an idea of ​​what it should become. In fact one year ago I even did not know how to program the website correctly and what the internal structure of my code would be.

True, my dear teacher told me also something about physics: "... a rural mind would be enough to master this subject area of ​​knowledge". So today sitting on my iron ass I'm text something probably obvious about only web design haha and, of course, I don’t pretend to be true.

Everyone chooses their own way in this half-creative profession. To solve some design problems I personally rely on my understanding of biology, for example, because I studied medicine in past. I don’t care when I sometimes hear that STRANICHKI • NET supposedly looks outdated or not trendy, because I know for sure that I am based on the foundations for solving some business tasks.

No more no less.

And why follow trends if they change so often?

Regarding my Web Studio, it is not a one-person project. While working I often came to a standstill or doubted my decisions. Therefore I often consulted with colleagues and friends and even with random people. Most of all I appreciate constructive, justified criticism, which you do not meet as often as you would really like. So, one way or another, a lot of people were already involved in the development of this site and honestly it cannot be said that this is my personal creation.

- But who if not me promoted this project?


My site is not perfect yet, but I remember it a year ago and I would now applaud myself, but I won’t. I will say differently: "After many days of work, I’m already starting to see how the final result should look like". So there is a lot of work in the future.

In my opinion, people are already tired of excess information around us. What if my simple design is just ahead of its time? Haha, really. No, I'm serious.

Guys, life is good! And the simplest solutions are always the best. Keep it simple