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Design Bureau

Each of our projects is a complex
design work.
Design Bureau

Development cycle

1Assessment of the project and requirements
2Digital product architecture design
3Graphic design
5Configuring a content management system
7Deployment process
Technical support and advice

1. Assessment of the project and requirements

To find out the exact terms and cost of development, first we need to decide on the goals and objectives of the project. A business does not start without a detailed study of the terms of reference.

2. Digital product architecture design

At the design stage, we collect all the necessary information and carry out analytical work. All this is necessary to determine the technical means of development and the subsequent creation of the layout.

3. Graphic design

This is an art-project activity in which a layout is created for individual web pages. Ideas are discussed, visualized. A professionally developed design layout facilitates the technical side of the project implementation.

4. Prototyping

In the process of layout, we make sure that all web pages are convenient and responsive for viewing on different devices. We write our code according to current requirements and standards.

5. Configuring a content management system

The administrative panel of the site is used by business owners, marketers, managers, and clients. For the sake of security and safety of data, it is important to set up separate access rights for different user groups and much more, if necessary.

6. Testing

We test the performance of the product, check for errors and make the latest constructive and design changes.

7. Deployment process

After debugging, we transfer the project to your server, set up everything you need and finish the work.

Design Bureau

Development tools

AngularIt is a free open source web application development platform built in TypeScript. Angular is a powerful modern framework with a great ecosystem that is supported across the web, mobile and native desktop systems.
TypescriptThe power of TypeScript allows you to write large, complex programs faster, making it much easier to maintain, test and scale. TypeScript is a modern web application development tool.
DenoDeno is a secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime written in the Rust programming language. Deno is engineered for modern, comfortable development. Deno can be used to build web servers, perform scientific computing, and more.
RustGeneral purpose multiparadigm compiled programming language. Rust is a low-level language that combines functional, procedural, and object-oriented paradigms. It is a promising language for systems programming and web development in particular.
JekyllPages on this system work without a backend component, so they cannot be hacked, they are safe and fast. By using the Jekyll static site generator, you don't have to worry about maintaining anything in the PHP ecosystem. On the other hand, the entire interactive will have to be squeezed out of the frontend using Javascript.
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