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Design Bureau

First, we will study the technical specifications. Having studied the documents we will determine the cost of the project and submit for discussion a plan of cooperation. Here you will find out how our production line works


We analyze data about your business and customers and set the task that the website should solve

Block-0: Base

This is the designing part and discussing the architecture of the future web product, setting up the working environment. We are preparing development tools and materials for web content publishing: texts, pictures, icons

Block 1: Sketching

Next we define the color scheme and select fonts, draw the design of all web pages. We coordinate the work and prepare the design layout for technical part of production

Block-2: Coding

In the development process we use modern tools and technologies: Bootstrap, Gulp, Sass, Git, Adobe XD and much more. Each site block is optimized for mobile devices and checked for software errors using the W3C standard

Block 3: CMS setup

At the next stage of production we connect to the website a content management system. Depending on the task we offer: Modx, Opencart or Jekyll

Block 4: Deployment process

Then we transfer the completed website to the server and prepare the project for delivery, optimize the images and code. Also we create several important files on the server necessary for the correct interaction of the site with Yandex and Google systems: sitemap.xml, robots.txt, rss.xml

Block-5: Debugging

This is the last step. We make the latest constructive or design changes, customize the website to the individual needs of the client, testing. It's a final stage of the production cycle

Important note

The project cannot be considered completed after final approval and receipt of the closing payment. We are committed to maintaining the website for at least 1 month to complete debugging. And remember that finding the right solutions is necessary together. Qualitative result will be obtained only with operative cooperation

You get

  • - Design: Adobe XD / Photoshop sources
  • - All images, image sources
  • - Ready layout: working project
  • - All used fonts
  • - All used plugins
  • - Adaptability for mobile devices
  • - Primary SEO optimization
  • - Consultations
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What is Jekyll?

If your website does not require interaction with the database: authorization, user registration, or it is a large information resource, business card site and any other where there is no need for frequent updating of content through a personal administrative site control panel, Jekyll is an excellent solution. Sites on this system work without a server ( back-end ) component, so they can not be hacked, they are safe and fast. Jekyll static site generator is perfect for landing pages, because there is no concern in servicing anything in PHP, MySQL or Apache, which load the server. On the other hand, the entire interactivity will have to be squeezed out of the front-end using Javascript. Cooking sites, online cinemas, websites for professional news publishers can run on Jekyll

MODx system

For custom development of client sites in all other cases, we use MODx, as the most convenient and fast platform. According to personal observations, sites running on MODx - they work faster and safer and in addition, they are easier to maintain and more optimized than those using the WordPress engine

Opencart system

In creating stores we use the Opencart platform. This is the most powerful free content management system for developing online stores with extensive capabilities for customizing and administering sales. Thanks to the native support of this CMS engine of proven and popular frameworks we will create a full-fledged and functional e-shop, fully adaptive for mobile devices

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